Sunday, May 05, 2013

DIY Hanging glass globe for air plant

Last weekend, I picked up a pretty glass globe for my airplant. It was only $5.50 and I've always wanted try my hand at Macrame but this time I thought I would do a Snake Knot. Snake knots are so simple but has that mesmerising braid pattern to them.  I could have left it with just Snake Knots but I wanted to use some old Fimo beads I made last year.

Here is a thorough tutorial as to how to make a Snake knot.
(They heat fused two different colour cords but if you want just one single colour, you can loop it and start tying)

The bulge is where I had to tie extra cord to existing knots. 

Fimo beads made with little contrasting dots.

Close up for snake knots

For hanging with continuous cord, fold cord in half and insert into glass loop.
Start knotting according to instructions.
It is addictive and very therapeutic!


thisgoodhearth said...

WoW!! I really like it!
The Fima beads are so cute you can make other things with them!

charinthecity said...

Hey, you've made another thing of beauty! We need a pic of the airplant in its new home, too please!