Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Plants galore post

This post is dedicated to the greens in and around our abode.

I've been propagating my succulents quite a bit as of late, for wedding center pieces next year:

Some just self propagated.

Others, I had to prune from an unruly Jelly Bean succulent that has survived and thrived being outside.

A few Hen and Chicks succulent that has sprouted out by itself from the parental plant that has ceased growing. (Mealey bugs at the root upon inspection)

This peperomia is gorgeous but something that is puzzling me is that it is yellow at the bottom column. Why's that? It's a shade loving plant and I've read that too much sun for SOME succulents can cause it to turn yellow.

Jade plants are the EASIEST to propagate from leaf droppings or cuttings. These two are doing splendidly.

Oh this pains me. On Saturday, I put this together for my plants and the wind came and picked it up and smashed everything.

A pot of plants that hate water. Very slow growing succulents. Lithrops and baby toes.

This is the huge Jelly Bean succulent that is thriving. It has been pruned and notice the yellowing of the lower leaves as well!

Our dutch oven started peeling its enamel away. Aaron drilled holes to save it from the rubbish bin.

Cilantro leaves coming out.
Radishes! After the green house came down, half of these were up rooted!
Our dalek like compost bin with rosemary and other herbs in pots.
Staghorn, just in its temporarily permanent place.
The habenaro plant Dale got us for our house warming is SUCH an awesome gift.
These chillis are HOT and AROMATIC.

Airplant in its glass globe.
Flowering airplant

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