Saturday, July 13, 2013

Australian Farmers Markets

What is refreshing about Farmer Markets down under is that, it doesn't just pop up in the summer time.
It is, all year round selling seasonal fruits and vegetables.
In Portland, Farmer Markets die down as Autumn creeps slowly into September and then residents will have to seek out other resources or go back to the supermarket.

I gathered up the courage to drive to the La Trobe University farmers market today and bought some vegies, flowers and a new plant!

To brighten up the house, I bought a few bunches of cabbage flowers:

For $6, I bought this colourful Australian native plant: Brides Heath.

I've been getting into cables knitting wise and been knitting this hat for a cold uni student in Dunedin....

And finally, I spent two weekends slowly painting  this in watercolour. The theme was Midnight:

1 comment: said...

Love the painting!
The triangles remind me of the celestial skies at night, connecting the dots between the stars!!
It's a different feeling coming home with armloads of groceries from a farmers market vs coming from a supermarket, isn't it?