Sunday, July 21, 2013

Wet Winter Days

It has been raining and blowing here in Melbourne as of late. We are in the middle of winter and I can't wait until the weather warms up a bit. I have to say though, winter in Melbourne is not that bad. It's not Maryland or Portland... or Dunedin for that matter!

With this kind of wet cold weather lately, it's only natural that I've turned to wool...

I finally finished knitting this cabledazzled hat the other week and upon finishing, excitedly put it on my head only to be disappointed to find out.... it's a tad too small.
I did use the wrong size yarn.
Lesson: Yarn weight is important.

It was an enjoyable knit so I've bought yarn to make another one.

Plus I was feeling very ambitious, so I decided to buy this gorgeous jumper pattern:

 Then the driving and knitting gods smiled upon me because after my drive (only stalled once!) to Spotlight, I found out that they were having 40% off wool sale.
So I decided to buy my jumper worth of yarn and then some.
The yellow is to repeat that cable hat and the charcoal is a simple cable hat for Aaron.
40% off was amazing. Each skein was like $3 AUD.

The rain and gloomy skies didn't let up on Saturday, so I decided to download a trial version of Illustrator to start making a logo for Mum and I. It was super addictive and once I got the hang of it, the time just flew....
Also I was watching HK drama series whilst doing this. This could be heaven.
 Meanwhile I'm making a very simple knitted hat with left over yarns that I know not what else to do with!


thisgoodhearth said...

Nice on the yarn sale! Love that when that happens, eh? That's a great hobby to be doing on a cold winter's day!

charinthecity said...

Great going! I love my cabled cardy, hope you love your jumper. The pattern is lush.