Sunday, July 28, 2013

Hibernating bear

What a weekend, it has been! It was all quiet until Sunday afternoon when I ended it with a bang! I reversed into our garage a bit slanted... on a slope and rammed the recycling bin right into the plaster wall. Both car and recycling bin is fine, poor plaster wall has a gaping wound about half a meter wide.

Saturday, I spent the entire day working on Illustrator for upcoming projects logo with my mum.
I have taken an illustrator/photoshop class in Uni like a DECADE ago and I have totally forgotten every. single. thing.

I also spent part of the morning finishing up our Art project. The theme was Seurat. Think Monet. You could paint anything, as long as it was in the style of Seurat.

I'm actually quite enjoying these art projects because it breaks me away from the monotony of coming home, eat and watch tv. Instead, now I come home, eat and watch TV and paint.
Ok, so I'm never JUST watching TV. I'm usually knitting.....

My recent finished knit: a simple beanie with my left over yarn and thick ribbing.

I also started on the Wickerwork jumper that I purchased yarn for. Cheap yarn is cheap yarn. It is not the best quality of wool. I'm forging ahead nonetheless. I'm a girl with a mortgage.

 I bought this bag of lemons for a dollar last week and decided to make a lemon tart. I got a recipe from my co worker and decided to try my hand, AGAIN, at baking. 
I have to say this base was SOOO delicious (ok I ate all the left over...)  (ok the tart base was missing a few pieces...)
It was relatively easy and SOOOOOOO delicious.
I will have to get the recipe up.

And this brought a giddy smile to my face:

An impending Camelia bloom....
I've waited all winter for it to bloom!

1 comment: said...

Yes, need the recipe up so we can get a bag of lemons and try it out,too!
The ribbing looks good and what a perfect life when you get home!