Sunday, August 04, 2013

Chiseling away at a project

So Mum and I have been concentrating on our upcoming project for the past month or so and it's coming along. I can't wait till the shop is live!
I pretty much spent the entire weekend, working on and off on the project which was great because the time just WENT.

While the plasterer was doing his job. I weeded our front yard a bit. When I mean weed, I mean we have no garden to speak of except weeds. I got a good rubbish bag full of it. That's going into the compost bin. Speaking of compost bins, it's amazing how much rubbish actually GOES into the rubbish bin now. When Aaron was here, we had two shopping bags full of rubbish that went into the city bin. Two. The rest were recycling and compost.

I spared these weeds because they are so pretty and decidedly put them in some water for the craft room:

 The weekend also meant some knitting time for me. As of last night, I've started shaping the arm holes!
 For Sunday lunch, I went all 80s  and made devil eggs. I like being a grown up. Anything can constitute lunch.
 I also tried on my ASOS black dress that I got a while ago. This will be filed under for going to a wedding in the near future. Plus it was a total bargain at $28!
 Due to the fact that I spend so much time on the computer during the weekend (broken up by chores and eating), I decided to make an effort to exercise. So on Sunday morning, straight after I woke up, I went for an hours walk around my community sans ipod.

Speaking of eating.... I pinned and made this:

You should pretty much have everything minus the gorgonzola and brussel sprouts. It was delicious and easy. I substituted the barley for freekah.


thisgoodhearth said...

Sounds like a perfect weekend of doing the things you love to do!!

charinthecity said...

Oh, I love brussels sprouts! Looks yummy. Aussie weeds look rather pretty.