Thursday, October 24, 2013


Since coming back to Melbourne, I've been kept busy at work and at the home front.
There are lots of digging still to be done for our landscaping, which we're doing ourselves to save costs and well, because we can do it!
I've been knitting a cardigan for my mum, since it is going to be cool very soon.
It's the second adult sweater/top I've knitted and so far so good.

The back of her cardigan:

I've enjoyed being back in Melbourne, especially to see cute street art:

I've also been painting alot now, thanks to the art group my co workers and I have started:
 The craft room is filling quickly from our fortnightly paintings and art works:

 Now I understand the meaning of pottering around the house: It's like your brain has short circuited and you run around doing this and that and quite often than not, not having accomplished much:
 But I have started digging for a french drainage pipe down the side of our house:

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thisgoodhearth said...

HaHa! I saw the wooden table top and thought to myself, when did she buy one? Then, I realized it was a picture you took while back home!
Seriously, the lot of you should just get your artwork and have a showing in the park with free lemonades for your audience!
I can't wait to ear the sweater and cowl you're going to knit. They look so warm from here!!