Monday, October 28, 2013

5 more days

It seems a bit unreal that 4 months ago, Aaron packed up his bags and left for NZ to finish his two courses at University. Now, he's back this Sunday! Needless to say, I spent the weekend cleaning up the house for his big welcome. It has been as if our house has been put on hold. What a strange feeling! I have enjoyed my independence immensely, I always had. However, since coming back from Portland, I really missed Aaron in my daily routine. I think we all take people for granted sometimes and this is just a reminder to cherish them whenever you have the chance.

Our potted plants are coming along. The other day while perusing Pinterest, I had an idea to make our narrow paths on both side of our house less ugly and boring. As you can see, the fence sits on an elevated bank that is retained between our neighbours and our lot. This is due to the sales of each land being at different time and site cuts demands a retaining wall when the other lot has not been cut into yet. This leaves an awkward space between the fence and the low retaining wall, which makes it hard to plant anything in since I dont want to dig or created proper drainage in such a small space. So the gutter planter is the PERFECT solution:

I would need to drill drainage holes into the bottom of the gutters and plant it with succulents or herbs. Both sides of the house gets beautiful sunshine so there is no worries for shade! I can't wait to get started on this project!

Meanwhile: French radishes are loving the warmer weather and has made an appearance!
The hanging donkey tails are enjoying their new space with fresh air!
And our poor habenaro plant that had all its leaves blown off when I went back to Portland, has now regrown its gorgeous leaves and am awaiting for those spicy poppers!

The orchid I bought last weekend is still thriving, I can't wait to add to my collection when Aaron comes back!
Also fresh cut flowers are the best!
These natives are so rich in colour and texture.
I spent Sunday cleaning for his royal highness's home coming.
And even though it is spring, I still had the chance to wear my new hat with cables galore:
(You are right Charlyne, Cables are highly addictive)

And Mum's new cardigan sans sleeves! Don't you wish things could block themselves? I mean, it is the most boring part of knitting something!
The sleeves should be a breeze, so I can't wait to send this cardigan to mum in maybe two weeks time?!

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charinthecity said...

All looks fantastic and gorgeous, cuz, you are one talented lady. Cable on!