Saturday, November 09, 2013

Airplant display DIY

I procured another airplant this weekend and since they haven't been very spectacular after a few months at my house, I decided that they needed a new place besides a sunny window sill. They are epiphytes so they should be out in the element. The only place where they get nice sunshine, a bit of wind but is still protected, is by our front door. I  wanted something so that they can be brought inside if needed and displayed nicely. 
I decided to make a hanging plaque.

Here's a quick How To:

Voila! That's it! Since each airplant sits differently, you will have to decided of they should be hung or cuddled. I didn't want to glue my plant directly to anything (you can if you use green glue), so I attached them with golden wire using the natural holes provided by the abalone shells.

To get the airplant, we went to Garden world.
It is a treat.
They have collectors corner filled with bromeliads, succulents, cacti, orchids, carnivorous plants and many more exotic plants.

 A mother of a staghorn!!

 Bromeliad monster.
 The abalone shell I used for the airplants new home.

 New kangaroo paws.
 And lastly, here's a sneak peek of what my Mum and I have been up to.
We're about to launch something very special...


charinthecity said...

Gorgeous work, cuz. You are amazing!

taf said...

Ahhhh, love it all!