Friday, December 27, 2013

Merry Christmas and hug your loved ones

Christmas has come and gone, this year, we had a quiet one. Aside from Christmas eve and Christmas itself, I'm working this holiday season. It was nice having the two days in the middle of the week off. Aaron was aiming to recreate the Christmases of his past and bought lots of food to cook for Christmas day. Think leg of ham, lamb and a whole chicken for the two of us. Fortunately, on Christmas day, he realised it would be quite a behemoth task and decided to concentrate on the bourbon and orange glaze ham. (It was superb)

He spent the entire morning, cooking up a storm while I darted around and finished two dresses for our nieces. It was the first time I had an enjoyable and successful sewing project! When it comes to sewing projects, Aaron loves selecting everything from fabric to buttons to thread colour. So when I told him I would like to try and sew a dress for Jordan, we spent a long time at Spotlight, picking out the right material. I got fabric for Mia and Aaron for Jordan. You will see that Aaron's actually got quite an eye!

 First Christmas by ourselves and in our new house.
(Gin and tonic to wash down the ham!)

Aaron made a side of new potatoes with sage and pancetta.

Mia's dress is so sweet and full. She'll feel like a tomboy princess in this!

 Jordan's dress is equally cute! Almost a very victorian feel to it.

 Aaron thought the wooden flower buttons added the cutest final touch.

Around this time of year, I enjoy come home from work and going out to our alfresco to relish on our plants. There's nothing more beautiful than growing and thriving plants.
 As of late, due to the mild warm weather, Aaron's pitcher plant has been living outside. The baby pitcher has grown massively!!
 An orphaned succulent is flowering.

 The staghorn still going strong. This was my 31st birthday present from Aaron. There is a trend now, most birthday and christmas presents has been plant based!
 Aaron's pitcher plant and their gorgeous veins.
 My Christmas cactus is growing new leaves
Up close of the slippery lip of the pitcher plant

 The hawthorn is flowering again!!! I know it's in the right position when something flowers!

 The begonia is not a shy flowering plant!

Enjoy your weather where ever you are, relish the change it brings!


charinthecity said...

You are talented cooks, gardeners, and crafters! Love the little girl dresses.

thisgoodhearth said...

Who wold ever guess, You with the green thumb!!