Sunday, December 29, 2013

Craft recap 2013

This year has been a craft year for me. Something has lulled me from my craft coma and I started creating. Once I started creating, I was hooked, project after project. I attribute this to having my own craft room. No longer am I confined to the coffee table by the TV with all my knitting needles and scraps of material laying about. I now had a home for them!

So here is a year in craft recap:

A friend had a baby. That's always a good reason to get the knitting needles out.

We hit a Spotlight sale and got these jersey thick yarn for 50 cents a bundle. I crochet a circular rug.

Now I've got it in my craft room.

I got obsessed with this colour yarn and so I decided to try my hand at cabling and got addicted...

Once I got the hang of cabling, I said, Hey why don't I knit myself something to wear aside from accessories? So It took me around 6 weeks to make myself a jumper..... I love this ALOT:

Then the worse news ever came to me, my mum has ovarian cancer and I flew back to Portland after her abdominal surgery. She recovered and I wanted to knit her something for her chemo treatments. We picked out yarn and although I didn't finish it before I left, I did so a few weeks after and sent it to her:

It fits her generally but the sleeves will need to be re knitted to be shorter and wider.
Whilst in Portland, Mum picked out some gorgeous yarn and a pattern for a knit scarf:

This must have been the most luxurious yarn I've ever knitted with!

Then summer came and it was too hot for yarn....

 I cracked open the Japanese pattern book for little girls:

And finally fell in love with sewing without the frustrations and hair tearing!

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thisgoodhearth said...

if only we didn't have to work for a living and be able to do this forever!