Friday, February 14, 2014

2014.... proving to be a crazy year

Feb 15th and first post of the year.
2014 seemed to usher in a less dramatic year compared to the end of 2013. That did not last long.
Aaron's nana suddenly passed away and off he went for a week.
We haven't had a chance to enjoy our time together since he has been back from NZ.
Now that the dust has settled a bit, we're busy with our landscaping.

To make up for the lack of words, here are photos:

New plant purchase. Purple succulent!

 Melbourne has been hot hot hot. HOT. Over 40C over a few days!
So hot that, watermelons are dinners for some nights!

Ouzo with friends

Meeting up with old friends

Finally finished with guest room roman blind!

Summers mean stunner mornings

Craft room roman blinds.

Aaron and I on a nature hike

Roman blinds need industrial sewing machine

I made earrings for a dear friend.

 Birthday pose.

Sewed a dress for myself.

 The gum tree flowers on our street.

Making a house into a home

Hoyas hoyas

And finally, chit chatters!


charinthecity said...

Gorgeous pic of you and Aaron. Your new succulent reminds me of purple sprouting broccoli, yummy!

thisgoodhearth said...

Something about these lorikeets ~ they are LOUD in the way they look!!