Saturday, April 26, 2014

A long weekend of friends and family, in a warmer place!

Over the Easter break, we went up to Brisbane for Aaron's friend's wedding. Brisbane seems like it is on a continuous bandwagon of nice weather. It was such a nice break from the chilly and rainy Melbourne that slowly took hold after a scorching summer. Aaron's brother lives out in the suburbs of Brisbane and coincidentally, his parents were visiting as well. So it was a weekend of family and friends.
The wedding was right in the city so we decided to book an accommodation near the venue. We went with AirBnB and could not get closer to the venue than this place: it was right across the road!

 Brent's place had private access and you get a mini kitchen, bathroom and bedroom all to yourself:

Kitchen tiles. So so cute. It's the little details.
Brent's a traveller, judged by the amount of travel books and huge map of the world.

And the back door leads out into this gorgeous oasis of shade loving plants and water lettuce.

 We got to meet up with Aaron's friends prior to the wedding and had brunch in New Farm.
 As with most Australian rivers, the colour of choice is mud yellow. Brisbane has a small CBD but from what I've seen, it is clean and is easier to negotiate in a car than Melbourne.
 Aaron walks down these treacherous steep stairs down to Kangaroo point.

The wedding itself was gorgeous. I forgot my phone and wore heels way out of my league. They were gold and sparkly. I was wishing!
The venue was gorgeous. The ceremony happened on a small patch of lawn overlooking the river. The bride looked amazing.
Aaron's friends are all now married, bar him. We've all become adults. That's a bit scary.
We managed to shake this off with the photobooth:

Danny on the left, Aaron's best man in December.

 Look what I caught in the dating world: a special fish.
Danny kind of freaked me out with alllll the questions he asked about our upcoming wedding.
I haven't done much!
Even though it is a small informal wedding, there are still things that needs to be put into motion.
I don't want it to be a stressful time.
I think I'll be fine.
When we came back, I quickly sent out a few emails after some internet research to get the ball rolling.

Surprisingly not hung over, we drove over to Aaron's brothers place and went to a place called Lollipops for Aaron's niece's birthday. Jordan turned 3! Toddlers are super cute and LOTS of work. I give lots of kudos to Jordan's mother, Carrie. We had a great 3 days of family time with the Adams.
We slept in Jordan's room and it melted my heart when in the middle of the night, Jordan woke up and then came down into our bed and snuggled with her Uncle Aaron.

 Jordan in her paddle pool. She used it for 2 minutes after her Mum spent 15 minutes blowing it up and putting warm water in it.
 Art time:
Uncle Aaron draws in glitter pen and Jordan decides to squeeze glitter glue onto her hand and moving it across the paper.
 Someone thinks its funny to have glitter hands. She's wearing the dress I made her for her birthday. A tad big but she'll grow into them!
 Some cuddles with Uncle Aaron while watching Thumbelina.
 Aaron hasn't done a puzzle in a while.

Home wise, we achieved a lot this long weekend.
The cold weather has set in and the chilli plants are looking shabby so Aaron decided to use the old frame from last years green house to make a more permanent cold frame. He screwed the pipes into their adaptors. Building film to come..
 I spent yesterday afternoon, remounting my staghorns. Also note the camellia plant is now sitting in it's own planter in the front yard. 
 Here's hoping no one steals them and they thrive!

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Valerie Adams said...

The steps were evidently NOT steep enough because hes still got his coffee in his hand lol AND Aaron can draw really well esp given the obstacle of glitter pen. Love your front porch!