Friday, April 04, 2014

Gardening + partner = Time worm hole

"I'm just going to repot some plants"
5 hours later.
"Oh my god, it's nearly 3pm"
"We haven't had lunch yet"

Ahhhhhhhhhh. Damn gardening time worm hole!
Our car is acting up after the new clutch got put in, so we're trying to use it as little as possible until it's doctors appointment on Tuesday. Fingers cross for SMALL DOCTORS bill.

Whilst Mum was here, we repotted all the herbs into one wooden barrel. This weekend, I used the other barrel for the big habenaro plant and various smaller chillies. We moved quite a few of the succulents from the back to the front to fill in the garden:

 Aaron is very specific about rock placements.
 A few more succulents has joined the front yard since Mum left. The right hand side needed more plant balance.
 We bought this monster from the nursery today. I wonder when it will join the front yard.

I was so excited yesterday when I saw the post office left a note saying my packages has arrived. I have been waiting for my Flor tiles to arrive!! They did very quickly.
I have been wanting a runner rug for the hallway but everything here is so expensive. I saw Flor from Apartment therapy and the price is so so good, EVEN with the horrendous UPS shipping price. This runner piece was very DO-ABLE.
I got it in herringbone in Nimbus colour. The zigzag breaks up the bare walls and shows off the wooden floors.
The grade on this is HEAVY DUTY. 
This is a heavy traffic area for sure!
 For more of our home update.

2 comments: said...

I can already visualize the painting that should go onto that wall at the end of the carpet!!
Good job!

Valerie Adams said...

Benton and Mia can paint you a picture! That rug will come in handy when those teeny feet come pattering back and forth!