Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Autumn arriving

It's April already. Someone put on the brakes.
There is a momentum of change here in the Padams household. This is the year of the wedding and finding new jobs.
Is it foolhardy to find it only a bit daunting but mostly exciting?
I'm not sure. 
I'm also thinking of starting a blog on my possible transition from the science bench to a non bench workplace.
There's not enough information out there on the ins and outs of leaving the bench.
 I'm sure there are HEAPS of scientists in the same boat. Heck, it's not like we're leaving a secured job!

Meanwhile, while things are changing slowly, the garden is slowly changing as well. This year is the first year I've seen some of my succulents flower whilst anticipating for the colder weather. I don't know why this gets me so happy but it's something about plants not only surviving but thriving. I learn that succulents DO need to be outdoors, no matter how much pinterest may lead you to believe. They thrive outdoors. They survive indoors.

The pot Aaron got me for Christmas has really started to fill out and flourish:

On Saturday, Aaron and I went to the Melbourne Flower Show.
If you haven't been there before, go. Go especially if you don't visit Triffid Park or Garden World because they are both there with their gorgeous exotic plants. We frequent Garden World every season, so we found the show a bit.... ordinary.
We did however, buy this vine:
Ceropegia ampliata
Melbourne put on quite a "last of the summer" show for us.
I came home with: Hoya, Elkhorn, vine, select succulent cuttings and a cute straw hat!
Also, over the weekend I made Aaron's niece a Tutu as it is her birthday soon and we're heading up for a wedding and her party.
I can not wait for this cactus to establish and be put out in the front yard.

And, you know, I've been dissing the native flowers for a while now. Ew I hate proteas etc. 
Hold your horses, I bought a bouquet for $6 at the farmers market the other day and oh lord, they SMELL delicious.
Game changer.


Valerie Adams said...

I think it's our old age! Now we're on the decline, we want to see life grow! Thats where plants come in! Whoop said...

It's a good hobby and I think genes come into play, too:)
Canot wait to see the plants and hopefully your garden will be established by then in december.