Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Introducing, MoLui

More than a year ago, I proposed to my mother that we work on a project together. My mother is an insanely talented artist who has an eye for detail and a knack for composition. We share the love of our rich Chinese culture and longed for a mixture of this intricate history in our modern lives. 
We decided to focus our first collection," Jia Collection" (Jia means Family) on an item that is so ubiquitous in all Chinese homes. The Jia Collection is a small sample of 4 Chinese auspicious characters. They play on the psyche of the very superstitious older Chinese generations and for the younger more distanced generations, they have become an old fashion cultural symbol. Chinese auspicious symbols such as Luck, Longevity, Happiness, Prosperity etc  are a collection of characters that each family puts up in their homes to welcome these wishes into their lives. Traditionally, they are written by a calligrapher in black ink on red paper. Calligraphy of Chinese characters is a true art and in this modern day, is giving way to mass produced characters printed on cheaply made shiny red paper, renewed every year with little thought for durability.

Molui's first collection revisits this old art  by focusing on four integral auspicious characters.  Each character is in a modern Chinese font but the background has been painstakingly painted in a few traditional styles by Cheeyean Yoong Packer.  Molui's Jia collection are to be framed, adorned, kept for years to come with modern twists, ready to return to the forefront of our homes. Seamlessly fitting into our modern lives, it ties us to all our past and reminds us of our rich history.

With Mum, the ever patient painter, we decided that she would do the art work and I would help with the launching, website and promoting of our joint venture. As with any joint venture, we had very different ideas about what Molui should look and produce. It has been a very steep learning curve. I found out that I stamp down ideas very quickly when they're not my own. I have learnt to not take it personally and hear Mum out because, I have to admit, her suggestions always make our products BETTER. I do not know best! We did agree, simple is best. After all, we're shedding the older ways and infusing modern aspects into our labor of love. So, with those ideas in mind, we have set up shop:

The Molui logo is a traditional Chinese cloud. It is flanked by the Chinese character for Mother (Mo) on the left and Daughter (Lui) on the right.

The landing page:

 A very short snippet of what Molui stands for, on the About page.

In order to keep it simple, we have decided to sell only 4 couplets. Each couplet is available in three different font backgrounds. Selectable upon purchase.

The very essence of Molui is to marry something so traditional and ease it into modern homes.

Because beautiful patterns and details are timeless.

Also, 1% of all sales is donated to the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition to further the prevention, research and possible cure for this deadly disease.

Please, pop over to Molui.
Have a gander.
Spread the word.

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thisgoodhearth said...

I have much to learn from you,too! but am glad you came around to some of my ideas!
There is an old Chinese saying ~ Old ginger is the hottest.
Listening and then doing something about it is good for all ages!